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Xavier University International Agreements

 Establishing Agreements (Memoranda of Understanding)

between Xavier University and Overseas institutions


A primary goal of the Center for Intercultural and International Programs (CIIP) is to initiate and coordinate initiatives that lead to MOUs and other exchanges between Xavier University and overseas institutions. This is done to prevent duplication of efforts, and to promote cooperation among various entities within the university with similar interests. CIIP serves as the depository for these agreements. Anyone who drafts agreements on behalf of the University will be responsible for coordinating information with CIIP.

The following process should be followed by anyone wishing to have signed an official agreement on behalf of the university:

1. Contact CIIP to first determine if an agreement is already in place;

2. Request a template for creating agreements from CIIP;

3. After an agreement is drafted it is reviewed by the CIIP Director;

4. The Director of CIIP then forwards the agreement to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs for review;

5. When approved by the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs the document is forwarded to the Vice President for External Affairs for review;

6. After being reviewed by the Vice President for External Affairs the agreement is forwarded to the Office of the President for signing;

7. The signed agreement is then returned to the Center for Intercultural and International Programs for distribution and implementation.

Xavier University of Louisiana Center for Intercultural and International Programs